US remembers journalist Khokon on press freedom day

In his World Press Freedom Day address on Saturday, US Ambassador to Dhaka Earl Miller recalled the senior journalist Homayuan Kabir Khokon who died of coronavirus in Bangladesh.

He became the first pandemic disease journalist to die.

“We respect the life of the senior journalist Humayan Kabir Khokon who worked until the day of his death and posthumously tested positive for the virus,” the ambassador said.

“We give our heartfelt condolences to the family of Mr. Khokon.” World Press Freedom Day is on Sunday 3 May.

The ambassador said the U.S. joins countries around the world to reaffirm the fundamental right to free speech, and the important role that freedom of the press plays in defending democracy and keeping people informed and secure.

“This year we pay special attention to those journalists who work relentlessly to warn the public of the COVID-19 pandemic, sometimes in challenging and dangerous conditions,” he said.

“The work of journalists, photojournalists and media organizations, including here in Bangladesh, always comes with sacrifice.

“We thank the journalists who fell ill at COVID-19 and their selfless devotion to public service.

“And finally, in search of truth and justice, we thank all journalists, everywhere, who have lost their lives, independence and personal well-being,” read the message.

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